Survey Process, Roles, Responsibilities

CHS Online and Distance Learning (ODL) staff create and support online surveys and forms for CHS instructors, staff, researchers, and graduate students in either Qualtrics or the current learning management system (Blackboard). Thereis no charge for this service but the range of survey options we provide is limited.  Your specific survey requirements may not align with the services we offer, in which case you should seek other delivery routes.

ODL Survey Support Service:

  • ODL codes your survey “as is”  – we do not provide spell checking or editing.
  • ODL staff can extract identifying responses (e.g., name, email, class) from collected data and give these to you in a separate, sorted file. You must include specific questions to collect this data at the beginning or end of the survey.
  • ODL staff do not pilot test your survey, distribute your survey, or provide data analysis services. These steps are the responsibility of the survey conductor.

Process for Research Surveys:

  1. Before designing your research survey, review the survey optimization guidelines for important design considerations that could affect the success of your survey.
  2. You may wish to hire an editor to review the language in your survey before submitting it to IRB or for coding.
  3. Email the final version of your survey, as a Word file, to Karla Embleton, ** Graduate students: Your supervisor must verify (by email) that your survey is in its final, reviewed format before it will be coded.
  4. After your survey is coded, you will be given the survey’s URL. If appropriate, you will be given co-owner status to the survey in Qualtrics.
  5. You should then conduct several test submissions and verify that the survey is storing data accurately and in a format that you can analyze by testing. Ensure that every variable stores every possible response correctly.
  6. Make, or request, any necessary corrections. Re-conduct verification test runs.
  7. Clean out test runs and distribute your survey to your test population.
  8. When submissions are complete, close your survey and download and analyze the collected results.


Plan on two to three weeks of total time for the following:

  • For the ODL office to code your survey
  • For you to enter some sample data (verification of online survey)
  • For you to check that collected data is in a workable format for your purposes (validation of online survey)
  • For final format (not content) tweaks to the online form. There should be no content changes after IRB approval.


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