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Free online tools and services

The following online tools and services have been recommended by your colleagues and/or online publications. This list is intended as a general reference only. Inclusion on the list does not imply that the ODEET office supports or recommends a particular tool, and exclusion from the list does not imply that we discourage use of a particular product.

If you decide to try a product or service, make sure to read the terms of agreement and any how-to documentation provided.

File conversion

cometdocs — online, free

  • Site offers file conversion from one format to another — over 50 format conversion options.
  • It is recommended that you register with the site. The site advertises that they will do file conversion without signup, but the process is very very slow… maybe not working at all.
  • Registered users receive a file storage space (“file manager”) where their original uploaded files and converted files are stored. Can quickly download the converted files from the file manager. — online, free

A suite of tools. Create a user account.

  • - convert files to PDF format and share them. More »
  • Adobe Buzzword - collaborative writing tool. More »
  • Adobe ConnectNow - personal online meeting space (webinar). More »

File sharing/media library

flickr — free account

  • With a free account, you can upload 100MB of data per month and 2 videos per month.
  • The most recent 200 photos will display.
  • Video clips can be no longer than 90 seconds.
  • You can invite people to view your material and identify them as friend or family.
  • You can restrict access to “friends” and/or family.”
  • There are additional benefits for paid subscribers.

Google Docs — free account

  • Store files online for easy access and editing from anywhere.
  • Pick who can access the files.

Google Picasa

  • Upload and organize images.
  • Create web albums and control who has access to each one.
  • Image editing and captioning tools are provided.
  • Can combine photos, videos and music into a movie.
  • Screen capture tool provided.
  • Provides one gigabyte of free storage.
  • Share URL of individual image or album.

Show Document — free

  • Use to share documents during a meeting and for collaborative writing.
  • Can share a file by loading a URL or by loading and viewing a web page.
  • Registered users get an online storage space, can hold longer net meetings, and have a dedicated net meeting room address for sharing.
  • Each meeting can have the presenter and up to 50 invited participants. Each session can last up to one hour - a five minute warning is provided so that you have time to save your work files and close the meeting down.
  • Each participant can save the edited document as a PDF file (regardless of file’s original format).

Meeting scheduling

doodle — free

  • Use for scheduling meetings, staffing, facility use, or to conduct one question polls.
  • Each form has a URL that you can distribute to potential respondents and a second URL for administering the form.
  • No upper limit on number of response, though service slows down after 1000.
  • Unless you delete them, polls are kept online for at least 30 days after their end date or last access (see policy).
  • If you create a user account, you get a nice interface for managing all your forms and collected data.
  • There does not seem to be a way to download data.


CHS survey services

doodle — free

See description above.

Google Docs

  • After you create a free Google account, you can go to the Google Docs tool.
  • Can create very simple one page non-branching online forms containing multiple choice, checkbox, list, scale and open ended questions.
  • Can email invitation to participants.
  • Collected results can be exported as Excel files.
  • Collected data includes a time stamp.
  • Very few editing options compared to other survey services, for example, cannot embed images and can only label the end points in a rating scale question.

Poll Everywhere — free

  • Free for up to 32 anonymous participants per poll and one teacher (Higher Education plan).
  • Monthly pricing plans for greater access rates and increased data collection features.
  • Respondents answer via their cell phone (text message), internet enabled device (Twitter), or web browser.
  • Results are updated live in your web browser or PowerPoint for real-time polling of your audience.

surveygizmo — free

  • The free account allows unlimited number of surveys with unlimited number of questions but limits collected of responses to 250 completed responses per month.
  • Easy to use with all the usual question formats.
  • Paying users have more survey design options - contact the college ODEET staff if you want to take advantage of our college “pro” license.

Webinar/video conferences,

A suite of tools. Create a user account. (See description above.)


Use to share your desktop, show slides, talk/listen/chat/broadcast voice, etc.


  • Video conference with up to six people.
  • Can embed in a website to provide video chat.
  • Can record and save up to 1000 minutes on the ooVoo server.
  • For Windows PCs.


What is a wiki? see “Wikis in plain english” (YouTube video, 3:52 min.)

Compare wiki tools

Wiki tool examples:

PBWorks –  Free “basic” user account
Wetpaint — create websites and control who can access and who can edit

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