Transfer Credits

Graduate credits earned as a graduate student at another institution or through a distance education program offered by another institution may be transferred if the grade is B or better. This is at the discretion of the program of study  (POS) committee, with the approval of the program and the Graduate College. Such transfer courses must have been acceptable toward an advanced degree at that institution and must have been taught by individuals having graduate faculty status at that institution.

  • Transfer credits must be approved by your program of study committee.
  • Up to 14 graduate credits may be transferred from another accredited university graduate program.  The credits must have been earned within the past five years with at least a “B” average.
  • At least 22 of your 36 total credits must be from Iowa State University.
  • ISU will only transfer 9 approved credits completed as a non-degree/undeclared student.

Undergraduate courses

If a student wishes to transfer credits from graduate courses taken at or through another university as an undergraduate student, it is that student’s responsibility to provide verification by letter from that institution that those graduate courses were not used to satisfy undergraduate requirements for a degree. (Grades from courses taken at another institution will not be included in ISU grade calculations, nor will the grades display on an ISU transcript.)

Research credits

Research credits earned at another institution are generally not transferred.

In rare circumstances, the transfer of S or P marks may be accepted for research credits only. It is the responsibility of the program of study (POS) committee to obtain a letter from the responsible faculty member at the other institution stating that research credits recommended for transfer with S or P marks are considered to be worthy of a B grade or better. As a student, it is your responsibility to provide all the appropriate contact information for the instructor whom your committee must contact.

Audit courses

Audits may be listed on the program of study but do not carry credit.