To fulfill all the requirements set forth by the Graduate College you will need to complete several forms before you complete your graduate program.  Consult the Graduate College page for a list of deadlines.

Graduate Program of Study and Committee (POSC) - Form 1

Form: Graduate Program of Study and Committee (POSC) - This form is available in AccessPlus.

Deadline: You must complete your POSC within your first 9 credit hours in your program. It is your responsibility to contact your temporary adviser (as assigned in your admission letter) to start this process. This deadline is strictly enforced. If the only thing left to do in your final semester is to complete your final oral exam (you have no coursework to complete), an additional 2 credit hour tuition charge will be added to your u-bill.

Special instructions: Please visit the Graduate College to learn more about this form. After submitting the POSC, it is your responsibility to monitor the POSC to verify that it is being routed and reviewed by all in a timely manner.  You may monitor the POSC from your Graduate Student Status page by clicking on My POSC Form.

Tips for filling out the form

MFCS students use the following information to complete the form:

Degree Sought: Master of Family and Consumer Sciences
Department: FCS
Major: FCS
Area of Specialization: [CHOOSE ONE]

  • Family Financial Planning
  • Dietetics
  • Gerontology
  • Youth Development

Application for Graduation - Form 2

Very early in the semester in which you plan to graduate, you must submit an Application for Graduation in AccessPlus.  This form is only required for MFCS students, not for certificate students.


The Application for Graduation form is due no later than the first Friday of the semester in which you plan to graduate. If you fail to complete the form by its due date, your graduation will be moved back one semester. 

Late process/fee: Students who miss the deadline for submitting the Application for Graduation will have a two-week period to submit it late. Late submitters will be charged a $20.00 fee in addition to the regular fee ($75.00). The $20.00 late fee will be non-refundable, whereas the regular $75.00 fee will not be charged if the application is cancelled by the established deadline.

Request for Final Oral Exam - Form 3

The semester in which you plan to graduate, you will work with your major professor, graduate committee, and Ann Bugler ( to complete your Request for Final Oral Exam form.

If you or any of your committee members will not be on campus for your final oral, Ann Bugler ( will be your contact for fulfilling your technology needs and making sure there is a technology room available to accommodate your exam. If you don’t have a need for a video/phone conference, you do not need to include Ann Bugler in your communication.

Form: Request for Final Oral Exam

Special instructions: This form is online. Complete section I, II and III and email it to Karen Smidt at If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 2 business days, please call 515-294-5397.

Deadline: This form must be completed, signed by all committee members, and mailed in time for the Graduate College to receive it no later than three weeks before you plan to have your final oral exam. If you do not allow time to obtain the signatures, your Final Oral Exam may not be approved by the Graduate College.

Oral Exam with Committee Member at Distance - Form 4

If one of your committee members will not be able to come to campus for the final oral exam, the Oral Exam with Committee Member at Distance form must be completed.

Form: Oral Exam with Committee Member at Distance

Deadline: Submit with the Request for Final Oral Exam form. (Must be completed no later than three weeks before you plan to have your final oral exam.)

Certificate Program of Study and Completion Form - Certificate Students Only

You will need to complete the Certificate Program of Study once you know which courses you will take to complete your requirements.  This MUST be done before you enroll in your final course to complete your certificate.  At least 3 credits must be taken after your Certificate Program of Study has been approved.

Form: Certificate Program of Study Form

Deadline: Submit this form once you know all of the courses you will take to complete your certificate.

The Certificate Completion form cannot be completed until you have completed your final course in your Certificate Program.

Form: Certificate Completion Form

Deadline: Submit this form once you have received your grade for your last certificate course.

Special instructions: You must confirm all the check boxes on the form have been completed.  Complete the form and send it to Karen Smidt.  This form is only required for certificate students.

Tips for filling out the form

Certificate students use the following information to fill out the form:

Name of Certificate: [CHOOSE ONE]

  • Family Financial Planning Certificate
  • Family and Housing counseling Certificate
  • Gerontology Certificate
  • Youth Development Specialist Certificate
  • Youth Program Management and Evaluation Certificate

Completing forms

The forms must be sent to Karen Smidt after you complete and sign them. Karen will obtain the rest of the signatures required and submit the forms to the Graduate College.

Send the forms to:

Karen Smidt
College of Human Sciences
310 MacKay
2302 Osborn Drive
Ames, IA 50011-1078