Degree Timeline - Staying on Track

Use the following information to stay on top of your program requirements and to make sure you are able to graduate the semester you plan to.

You've been accepted! Your first steps:

Before you can begin taking courses toward your degree, you’ll need to do the following:

  •         Step 1:  Email or call your temporary advisor to introduce yourself and begin a conversation about your goals for your   masters degree.  You will work with your temporary adviser to establish a major professor and graduate committee.  (You will find your temporary adviser information in your letter of acceptance.)
  •        Step 2:  Take the proper steps to get your ISU accounts set up.
  •        Step 3:  Familiarize yourself with all the forms and deadlines for your program.
  •        Step 4:  Review and bookmark the Graduate College Handbook

After two courses

After you have completed two courses you need to start working on two tasks that are critical to completing your degree:

Form your graduate committee: Begin forming your graduate committee now and complete the Graduate Committee form (Recommendation for Graduate Committee form).

Develop your program of study: Begin forming your program once you have your graduate committee. Complete the Program of Study form.

Third and fourth semester

You should have completed the following forms (and their related tasks) by your third or fourth semester:

Graduate Committee form (Recommendation for Graduate Committee form)

Program of Study form

Semester before graduating

Complete the application for graduation before your graduating semester. The final deadline for submitting your application for graduation is the end of the first week of your graduating semester.

Forms not completed?

You should have completed your Graduate Committee form (Recommendation for Graduate Committee form) and Program of Study form after you completed two courses. If you have made it to the semester before graduation without completing those two forms, contact the GP-IDEA campus coordinator at immediately.

Family Financial Planning

For the MFCS - Family Financial Planning program, you must have completed FFP 595 in a semester prior to your graduating semester.

Graduating semester

  1. Log into AccessPlus to verify your program of study and graduate committee forms have been received.
  2. Work with your committee and tech support to set up your final oral exam. This needs to be set up within the first two weeks of the semester. You exam can be completed later in the semester, but you must finalize the date in the first two weeks of the semester.
  3. Submit the Request for Final Oral form three weeks prior to exam date.
  4. If you or one of your committee members will be unable to come to campus for the final oral exam, complete one or both of the following forms: Masters Final Examination with Student at a DistanceFinal Oral Examination with Committee Member at a Distance.
  5. Work with your graduate committee to find out when they want to receive your final oral examination documents for review before your exam.
  6. Complete your final oral exam.
  7. Watch your email and AccessPlus for information on participating in the graduation ceremony.
  8. Sign up to participate in the graduation ceremony on Access Plus.

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