Course Development Support

Services provided
(This program is suspended until further notice)

Faculty can receive the following assistance from the College of Human Sciences office of Online and Distance Learning (ODL):

  • Class website design, development, and maintenance
  • Course content development for delivery online or via CD/DVD
  • Technical assistance for instructors who are doing their own course development
  • Technical assistance for instructors who are using classroom capture software, specifically Adobe Connect

Development timing

Online courses:

Instructors who will be teaching online courses should begin the development process one semester in advance. A weekly consultation is recommended, especially if you are not yet experienced with online teaching.

Class websites for face-to-face courses:

Instructors who are using a class website to supplement their course are urged to arrange for their site four to eight weeks before the start of the semester.

Class website support

Class websites are provided using the BlackBoard Learn program. ODL staff can assist in ordering, designing, and maintaining your class site.

Submitting material:

Submit material for posting to ODL staff via email attachment to Karla Embleton (306 MacKay, 294-9198) at .


Content pages can normally be posted within three days. To have a survey or quiz posted in Blackboard, allow at least one week. When your material is posted, you will receive a confirmation via ISU email.

(Refer to the surveys section if you wish to do an online research survey - considerably more time is required).

Requirements: Each course submission must include the following information:

  • Course name, by department and number (e.g., HDFS 102)
  • Contact information in case there is a question about how the file should be handled
  • Whether a specific file format is required (e.g., PDF with 2 slides per page)
  • The order in which multiple files should appear


It is the responsibility of the instructor to obtain any necessary copyright permissions. ISU Parks Library provides a service for obtaining and posting copyrighted materials. Please use this free service but make your arrangements with the library at least three weeks prior to the start of semester.

Editing not provided:

Material will be posted as provided (no editing is provided).

Multimedia and streaming content

Contact Ann Bugler about course content development that requires audio recording, screen captures, or live streaming. Longer development timesare required.

Adobe Connect:

If you will be using Adobe Connect, Ann Bugler can arrange for a Connect meeting space and assign a student technical assistant who will be available during your class sessions. Ann can also assist with BlackBoard.

Contact:  Ann Bugler, 304 MacKay, 294-5812, or

ClassWeb/Syllabi Collection


ClassWeb is an archive of syllabi for Human Sciences courses organized by semester. Each semester instructors are requested to submit their syllabi for inclusion.



BlackBoard Learn Course Request form

Blackboard is the software licensed by ISU for developing and delivering online courses. Every time a class is taught, a new account must be ordered, though it can be ordered as a duplicate of an existing one. Accounts can be ordered several semesters in advance. Instructors are responsible for ordering their accounts and for enrolling students.

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